Our hides

At Argaty, we have four hides:

You can see details for each one below, together with some useful information

Main Red Kite Viewing Hide

Red Kite against blue sky

Open all day, our main red kite viewing hide offers great views of the birds and the surrounding landscape.

The best time to visit is in the afternoon for the ranger-led visit at the time when we put out the feed for the birds. Of course, the number of birds and the duration of the feeding does vary according to season and weather – they are wild!

The ranger will explain the history and behaviour of the birds as well as the story of the kite reintroduction and stay with you to enjoy the spectacle as the birds swoop and dive for their food.

We make a small entry charge at the formal visit time and you are of course welcome to take photographs. However, you are also welcome to drop in at other times of the day (honesty box system applies).


Access from the car park is up a gently sloping 350m path.

Pre-booking recommended

We do recommend booking ahead to confirm time and availability and particularly if a lift up to the hide would be helpful.

Red Kite Photography Hide

Red Kites in snow

Our 3-person dedicated photography hide offers bigger viewing hatches, room for tripods and a closer view of the red kite feeding area.

There are great views of the kites against the dark trees that border the site.


Access is from the main path but there are 3 steps up to the hide itself.

Pre-booking recommended

Although pre-booking is recommended, there may be spaces available on the day of your visit.

Woodland Hides for Red Squirrels and Woodland Birds

Red Squirrel with a nut

The 3–4 person Woodland Hide

Set in secluded woodland, this special 3–4 person hide gives close-up and intimate views of red squirrels and woodland birds (including greater spotted woodpecker, nuthatch, long tailed tits, treecreeper and even a jay).

Additional floor level hatches offer the opportunity for eye-to-eye photography – be sure to bring along a short focal length lens as well as something longer as the wildlife can come very close indeed.

The booking is for exclusive use of the hide and can of course be shared amongst your group.

The 1 person Studio Woodland Hide

The Studio Hide is set in a forest clearing with perches and jumps, offering a new opportunity to watch the red squirrels and woodland birds in action. As well as the main viewing hatch there is a floor level hatch and a side hatch with an eye level perch right beside the hide giving the chance for intimate portraits. A short focal length lens is definitely to be included in your kit for this hide.


While we can offer a lift across the grass fields to reach the hides, there is a short walk to the hide through the wood itself.

Pre-booking essential

As the hides are not adjacent to the main centre and to minimize disturbance, pre-booking is essential.

Useful information

  Main Red Kite Hide Red Kite Photography Hide 3–4 person Woodland Hide Studio Woodland Hide
capacity 30 3 3–4 1
pre-booking recommended strongly recommended essential essential
arrival time 1.30pm winter
2.30 summer
1pm winter
2pm summer
by appointment by appointment
prices adults £7
(concessions £6)
children aged 6–16 £3
Under 6s free
£15 per person whole hide:
£25 per hour
£50 two hours
£80 whole morning
£150 whole day
introductory prices:
£30 two hours
£50 whole morning
accessibility 350m path
lift can be arranged
viewing flaps for wheelchair users
350m path and 3 steps
viewing flaps not suitable for wheelchair users
walk across fields then short walk through wood.
lift across fields can be arranged
walk across fields then short walk through wood.
lift across fields can be arranged
photography yes yes yes yes
dogs welcome? yes no (except assistance dogs) no (except assistance dogs) no (except assistance dogs)
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